About this J Jazz Substack

This site is about modern jazz albums from Japan and Japanese musicians. My motivation is to provide straightforward descriptions of jazz recordings from Japanese musicians with photos, audio clips, and links to more information. Rather than a music critic’s album reviews, these are simple introductions of new music to enjoy, jazz from Japan.

What is this site for?

For sharing information about Japanese jazz and related music from Japanese musicians.

What can I do on this site?

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That’s about it, pretty simple!

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Short excerpts (about 60 seconds) from each album are available on this site and intended to be used for fair use reviews and to promote the original musicians. If you like what you hear, please support the musicians and buy their albums!

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A note on names: In most cases on this site, names are shown in “first name last name” order in English (given name first), and “last name first name” order in Japanese (family name first).

For example, Akane Matsumoto is 松本茜, where Akane is 茜 and Matsumoto is 松本, read as 松本(MATSUMOTO)茜(AKANE).

For another example, Fumio Karashima is 辛島文雄, where Fumio is 文雄 and Karashima is 辛島, read as 辛島(KARASHIMA)文雄(FUMIO).

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