Kaori Vibes Quartet: Flying Mind

Kaori Vibes Quartet is a jazz quartet centered around the lovely ringing bell-tones of jazz vibraphone. After three years of playing together, the group formerly known as Vangy!! (note the vibraphone mallets “!!” in the name) released their eagerly awaited debut album Flying Mind in 2013, much to fans’ delight.

The magically mellow yet bright sounds of the vibraphone fill the tracks of this album, bouncing through songs swinging with positivity and charm, creating relaxing, feel-good music. The compositions include foot-tapping modern jazz tunes, two pretty ballads, a soulful groovy number, and a speedy rendition of “Grease Piece” by Horace Silver – a rewarding effort for all fans of jazz vibraphone.

Kaori Vibes Quartet: Flying Mind


Released in 2013 on Urban Jazz 151A-0007. Re-released in 2014.

(Names in Japanese: Kaori Nakajima 中島香里 Tamashi Goto 後藤魂 Minoru Yoshiki 吉木稔 Masanori Ando 安藤正則)

Audio excerpt from the opening track “Flying Mind”:

The song “Perfume”, written by Kaori Nakajima and a highlight of the album, is performed here in a duo setting from 2015:

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